Books are chief instrument of Education and Library is center of intellectual life so the Mahavir Polytechnic is proud of good and comprehensive Library with most modern facilities catering to the academic needs of the students and teaching community.

The Library has a huge collection of books, along with CD's and DVD's apart from latest Journals and Periodicals, along with this access to e-resources is also available through the Digital Library. Evident from the acknowledgements and positive remarks by the visiting faculty and dignitaries, the intellectual standards are truly reflected in its high standard Library. This Library is accessible to all Mahavir Students also to the Faculty and Staff.

Our Library consists of skilled, professional and compassionate staff members who are always pleased to help the users.

Rajendra M. Adhav

M.Lib & Isc., M.A.(Eco), Blib & Isc., B.A.(Eco)

Phone No. : (02557) 259080
Mobile No. : 9881637320

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