Sr.No. Name of Staff Department Designation
1 Mr. S. V. Bhamre APS Institute Coordinator
2 Ms. K. S. Gadakh CE Coordinator
3 Ms. G. A. Sonawane CO Coordinator
4 Mr. S. A. Mandlik EE Coordinator
5 Mr. B. S. Sonawane ME Coordinator
6 Ms. A. R. Patil APS Coordinator

Academic excellence is the cornerstone of the college. Apart from this, the college takes several measures to develop the over-all personalities of the students through co-curricular activities. Social and religious festivals are celebrated with traditional zeal and fervor to enable the students to understand and appreciate our rich cultural heritage. College events are inseparable parts of a college life and are set to influence the life of a student in every way. Various events organized by the Mahavir Polytechnic are:

‘Aarambh’ a Fresher Party is organized in the campus every year to welcome the newly admitted students.

‘Alvida’ a Fair-well Party is organized in the campus every year for the passing out students.

‘Ganesh Utsav’ is celebrated every year in the campus with a cultural program under the name ‘Ganesh-Fest’.

Engineer’s Day is celebrated on 15th September every year in the campus by organizing various competitions.

Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September every year in the campus with various cultural and social activities.

In order to keep the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri alive in the hearts of everyone, devotional songs & speeches personifying the courage & sacrifices of these leaders were presented by the students.

Independence Day is celebrated in the college on 15th of August every year.

Traditional Day, Saree Day, Tie Day, Chocolate Day program are organized in the mid of each semester by the Students.

Republic Day is celebrated in the college on 26th of January every year.

Institute organizes a mega cultural event ‘Antarang’ every year at Dadasaheb Gaikawad Sabhagruha, Nashik .

A havan on the day of Viswakarma Puja is organized in the College Workshop every year.