The Departmental Library of the Mechanical Engineering Department boasts an extensive collection of over reference books meticulously curated to encompass the entire undergraduate syllabus in Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, it serves as a comprehensive resource hub catering not only to the academic needs of students but also to the preparatory requirements for competitive examinations such as those conducted by HAL and RTO.

The primary objective of the departmental library is to foster a culture of continuous learning and scholarly pursuit among both students and faculty members. In this vein, it functions as a vital repository of knowledge, facilitating in-depth study and research endeavors. Faculty members leverage this resource for their professional development and scholarly pursuits, while students benefit from access to a wide array of reference materials crucial for academic excellence and holistic understanding of mechanical engineering principles.

Dedicated staff oversee a range of services to support library activities efficiently.

  • The library is open from 9:30 AM to 5:30PM except Saturday. No entry is allowed outside these hours.

  • Access to the library is restricted to only departmental students and faculty members.

  • Students must register with their student ID to become library members.

  • Students must inspect the condition of the books to ensure they are in good condition before leaving the library. If any damage is observed, it must be promptly reported to the staff. Otherwise, they will be held accountable for any damages.

  • Marking, underlining, writing, or defacing the books in any way will result in fines and other penalties.

  • Students are required to maintain silence within the library premises.

Sr.No. Particulars Numbers
1 Reference books 47
2 Specimen Copies 33
3 CSI Magazines 3
4 Partial Project Reports 73
5 Final Project Reports 745
6 Question Papers 11