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CONTACT FOR ADMISSIONS - POLYTECHNIC :9423361398, FOR ENGINEERING : 9405159181, FOR PHARMACY : 8806506515     प्रवेशासाठी कृपया पुढील क्रमांकावर संपर्क साधावा : पॉलिटेक्निक :9423361398, इंजिनिअरिंग :9405159181, फार्मसी : 8806506515
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  • Now,our Institute has been registered at National Digital Library of India.Students and Staff can avail & access 12,721,133 of NDL items such as book, articles, theses, manuscripts, audio lectures,video lectures. NDL has been developed a framework of virtual repository of learning resources with a single-window search facility. For more details contact Librarian at Library.

    International Yoga Day has been celebrated at Mahavir Polytechnic.
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  • 1. .How and under whose authority the procedure of admission does takes place? Ans:The Competent Authority duly appointed by the Government of Maharashtra and headed by the Director of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, shall be the authority for Centralized Admission Process (CAP).

    2.What is the eligibility criterion for a candidate seeking admission to First Year Diploma Courses in Engineering /Technology? Ans:For admission to first year of Diploma Courses , the candidates must have passed Maharashtra State Board of Secondary School Certificate Examination or any other equivalent Examination With minimum 35% marks (in best five subjects which includes English, Science, and Mathematics subject) in aggregate.

    3.What is the eligibility criterion for a candidate seeking admission to Direct Second Year (third Semester) Diploma Courses in Engineering/Technology? Ans:For admission to direct second year diploma course the candidates must have passed H.S.C/12th standard OR students have passed ITI/MCVC/NCTVT with technical subjects

    4.What is the fee structure for admission? Ans: Fee structure is decided by Shikshan Shulka Samiti, Govt. of Maharashtra.

    5.What is the admission procedure for First year/Second year Polytechnic? Ans: FY Admission : a) Centralized admission process (CAP), -- as per DTE. b) Institute Level admission : As per merit list of S.S.C. Percentage of applied candidates. c) For Centralized admission process : please visit

    6. Is it necessary to purchase the Application Kit? Ans:Yes. The Application kit contains the Application ID and Password to register the name of the candidate and fill the form Online. The information brochure will be given along with the Application Kit. The candidate is supposed to read the brochure carefully and fill the Application form.


         Councelling & Assistance


    Counseling within  Mahavir Polytechnic helps students to discuss and understand their problem and create different strategies to cope with that problem. Period of life change like being in college may bring new stress and problems that have many sides and are not easily solved. Counseling can help clients understand the different sides of their problems, so that their situation may be improved. When life becomes difficult, lots of little things go wrong for someone, it maybecome difficult to feel hopeful or have a positive outlook. Counseling can help students understand the impact of tough situations have had on their feelings and develop strategies to create a more hopeful perspective. Counseling can help one learn more about own self by helping and understanding his own strengths and learning how to use those strengths to grow in other areas. Counseling can helps in setting goals for college life and future career. It can help in understanding strengths and areas of growth as a student. It can also help that how stress and emotional difficulties may interfere with one’s abilities to focus on studies and help in developing better way to cope with that problem

    Education counselors of Mahavir plays a vital role in the career planning process of students. In the clutter of hundreds of desired career options, our counselors assist students in making sensible career decisions. They evaluate a student's abilities, interests and skills through interviews, personality and aptitude assessments, etc. They match if the mutually chosen career path is best suited to the candidate's profile, interests and limitations.

    Our educational counselor is trained and has good amount of knowledge on educational opportunities. For e.g. If the student wants scholarship, or needs any information on college training programmes then these Mahavir counselors help them out with the required information. They help young futures to develop good personality and embrace life skills so that they can face the challenging world better. They guide them for job interviews, resume preparation, job searching strategies, and other factors that are important for career exploration.

    Our Educational counselors also collaborate with parents, teachers and other college staff in a bid to monitor and evaluate educational progress, update them about individual growth so that the student has the best chance of success.