• Prof. Jaymala Dilip Pradhan

    Head of Department | Phone : 9552154137 | Email : | Qualification : B.E, M.E

Message from HOD :

Welcome to the department of electrical engineering, We started our journey in the year 1999. The faculty of Electrical Engineering Department expect our student to perform at high academic level. We provide a very informal atmosphere between faculty and students, desire for students mentoring and teaching and would like to be part of our faculty.

Faculty members of our department are very passionate about teaching and conducting various activities like workshops, guest lectures and industrial visits. Faculty members have excellent academic credentials and are highly regarded.

We in 'Mahavir' aim to foster an interactive teaching environment. The teaching philosophy of institute is to ensure the environment is making the learner grasp the knowledge.

Finally, our department has a long tradition of striving for excellence in whatever we do. I hope we will be able to maintain this in the years to come.

Vision :

Electrical Department strive to educate students to become industry ready engineers having professional attitude and groomed personality.

Mission :

To provide well defined system to ensure quality education by strengthening teaching learning processes through innovative practices.

To provide a platform where students are exposed to the industry, upbridged with the industry standards and requirements.

To train students by teaching them leadership and teamwork skills.

To groom students enriching their personality and social values.


Name Qualification Designation
Prof. Jaymala Pradhan B.E., M.E. Head Of Department
Prof. Sonali Patil B.E., M.E. Lecturer
Prof. Divya Shinde B.E. Lecturer
Prof. Shivam Mandlik B.E. Lecturer
Prof. Sneha Watpade B.E. Lecturer
Prof. Arati Purkar B.E. Lecturer