• Prof. Satish Pitambar Deore

    Head of Department | Phone : 9763221976 | Email : | Qualification : B.E, M.Tech

Message from HOD :

Welcome to the department of civil engineering, it is an honor for me to welcome the keen learning generation of modern India to a prestigious dorm of knowledge. This department has very strong undergraduate diploma program.

The department program is focused on providing not only the technical knowledge but also to encourage the student to be more innovative.

The order of questions in the mind of students of this era has shifted. The first question in their mind is not ‘what’ any more its ‘why’. Why learning particular concept is important, what role this knowledge will play in their future. The department emphasizes the development of technical skill and critical thinking. We in 'Mahavir' aim to foster an interactive teaching environment. The teaching philosophy of institute is to ensure the environment is making the learner grasp the knowledge. The feedback system in the interactive session helps in analyzing each student adaption and gripping ability.

The department has been able to foster this distinguished approach with the help of the staff has excellent credentials and a promising outlook. The faculty is well groomed and has publications in multiple journal and conferences proceedings. It gives me immense pleasure to lead such a prestigious and complete department in every manner.

I, congratulate the teaching and non teaching staff and students for their brilliant effort in making the department. I wish all of you great academic career ahead. Thank you for visiting us.

Vision :

Civil Department strive to educate students to become industry ready engineers having professional attitude and groomed personality.

Mission :

To provide well defined system to ensure quality education by strengthening teaching learning processes through innovative practices.

To provide a platform where students are exposed to the industry, upbridged with the industry standards and requirements.

To train students by teaching them leadership and teamwork skills.

To groom students enriching their personality and social values.


Name Qualification Designation
Prof. Satish Deore B.E, M.Tech Head Of Department
Prof. Vishal Gosavi B.E. Lecturer
Prof. Snehal Wagh B.E. Lecturer
Prof. Komal Gadakh B.E. Lecturer
Prof. Maduri Bagul B.E. Lecturer
Prof. Raghav Vadje B.E. Lecturer
Prof. Mahesh Ambhure B.E. Lecturer